Natural, Dosha Specific Skincare. Handmade in Calgary, AB.

A self-care must in your purse or gym bag, in your car or next to your bed for instant stress and headache relief! Also lovely to add to your meditation practice or savasana for only $24

An amazing tool to keep on you at all times when you need a pick me up and a moment of self care! This gorgeous blue oil consists of peppermint, rosemary, holy basil and german chamomile ( where the blue color comes from) in a base of sweet almond and jojoba oils. There are healing crystals inside the bottle ( which infuse their properties into the oil) and also the rollerball is a crystal. You can choose from rose quartz or lapis lazuli crystals. The clear label on this long, slender rollerball allows you to see the oils and crystals inside. Makes a wonderful gift too!

Face Dope Skin Serum Dosha Collection

Face Dope facial oils are dosha specific and act to balance out your skin, whatever your skin type.

If you don’t know what dosha you are, scroll down to the bottom of this page to take our digital quiz which will tell you which Face Dope is best for you.

One of the three main doshas, Pitta Dosha, made up of fire and water elements.

Typically for a more sensitive skin type but is also anti-aging and great for mature skin.
One of the three main doshas, Kapha Dosha, made up of earth and water elements.

Typically an oilier skin type.
One of the three main doshas, Vata Dosha, made up of air and water elements.

Typically a drier skin type.

15 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients in a rollerball.

The roller ball is available in rose quartz or lapis lazuli.

Crystal are also inside to bottle to infuse their healing power into the headache blend.

For Kapha, Oilier or Male Skin Types.

250 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients.
For Vata, Pitta, Drier and Mature Skin types.

250 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients.
For Vata, Pitta, Drier and Mature Skin types.

250 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients.
For Kapha, Oilier or Male Skin Types.

250 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients.



Face Dope is not like any skincare product you have ever used. It is an entirely unique holistic approach. From the base and essential oils to organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil , vitamin E and vegetable glycerin, we are nourishing your skin, mind and body. We hope you love your oil as much as we love ours! Every bottle is hand blended and made as fresh as possible and of course made with good vibes and love for all you beauties out there!

Face Dope is comprised of only the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. Only the best base and essential oils are blended with organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E oil which is a natural preservative, and vegetable glycerin which draws water into the skin and keeps it there. Our essential oil blends are also an amazing aromatic journey. Make sure to inhale the aroma deeply before application so your body can reap the physiological effects of the aroma as well. After a brief massage your skin your skin is left glowing and hyrdated, nourished from mother nature with the purest, highest quality ingredients possible.

There are three different types of Face Dope, Vata, Kapha and Pitta. These are called doshas and are an integral part of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a thousand year old healing modality from India. The healing theory behind Ayurveda is that everyone has one dominant dosha, or element from nature. Vata means a person has more air element, Kapha means more earth element and Pitta means more fire element. Everyone is a combination of these three elements plus water element. Most people will have one dominant dosha. If you don’t know your dosha take the quiz on our site and it will tell you what Face Dope you should be using. Vata skin tends to be drier, Kapha skin oilier and Pitta skin is more sensitive.

When you use Jane Says products you will experience luxurious, health driven skincare, which leaves you feeling good about what you are putting on your skin and into your body. We know you will love having our products as part of your daily self-care routine!